About Us

  1. About Asking For A Friend

    Asking for a Friend provides young people in California with answers to their sex, relationship, and identity questions without the stigma. It was created as a collaboration between over 200 young people across California and the YLabs team of physicians, designers, developers, health educators, artists, and educators.

  2. Our values


    We believe in supporting young people to make the best decisions about their sexual health and overall well-being. We provide information and resources that support YOUR journey.


    We celebrate diversity. We put in the work to address the unique barriers of young people starting their sexual health and wellness journeys, especially those from historically marginalized populations and identities. As the most diverse youth generation ever in the history of the US, inclusivity is non-negotiable.

    No Stigma

    We advocate for young people's rights and voices. We break down societal stigmas and barriers to comprehensive sexual health resources and support. We alleviate the unnecessary suffering caused by hiding these topics in the shadows.


    We help young people find free or low-cost services. We give clear guidance on how to find services, what to expect, and how to advocate for your healthcare needs.


    We build trust with youth by providing reliable, evidence-based information that focuses on the information they most need. We work with experts, pull from the best science, and work closely with young people to bring content that addresses the most pressing concerns with credibility.

  3. We believe in privacy

    Your privacy is our priority. In an era where data about young people is constantly collected, Asking for a Friend does not capture any information that might identify you. We offer a safe space where you can seek the support you need for your sexual health and overall well-being without fear of exposure. To understand more about our commitment to your privacy, please review our detailed privacy policy.

  4. Become an ambassador

    Do you also think young people in your community should have access to this important information and resources? Want to help the cause? We will mail you materials like stickers, flyers, and referral cards to help spread the word!

    Join us as an ambassador and help spread the word!

    Want to collaborate in some other way? Are you a health or social services partner? Are you in the press? We would love to hear from you!

  5. Powered by YLabs

    YLabs designs technologies that amplify youth power, agency, and opportunity. YLabs is a team of physicians, designers, economists, developers, public health professionals, and educators. We design and implement programs in partnership with youth.

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  6. We are a small but mighty team dedicated to transforming the way young people access stigmatized information and healthcare. Your generous donations make this work possible. All donations go to building Asking for a Friend and helping spread the campaign to reach more young people.

    We are a project of YLabs, a 501(c)3 organization. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent of the law.